Ayurdhama AyurvedaAyurdhama AyurvedaAyurdhama Ayurveda
Ayurdhama AyurvedaAyurdhama AyurvedaAyurdhama Ayurveda


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Our story


‘Ayurveda’ – ‘The Knowledge of Life’ is the system of traditional herbal medicine practiced in India, which is about 5000 years ago. Ayurveda and traditional way of treatment are undoubtedly among the most important ingredients of Indian culture, they form cornerstone of Ayurdhama, the hospital who have made Ayurvedic treatments well known all over India and in western countries.

Ayurdhama is situated in Sullia, which lies between the picturesque Malabar Coast and the bed of Western Ghats in the border between southern Indian states of Kerala and Karnataka. The location is just 90 minutes or 105 kilometers from Mangalore International Airport.

Ayurdhama owes 18 years of experience with Indian and international guests under able leadership of our director and Chief Physician Professor Dr. Hariprasad Shetty, Ayurdhama has adopted a holistic approach to the ayurvedic treatment and yoga and at the same time reflected India’s culture and beauty. The aspiration was to provide classical Ayurvedic treatment, Yoga and Meditation in a peaceful and captivating setting.

Started as small Ayurveda & Yoga center 18 years back, Ayurdhama has emerged as the best Ayurveda and Yoga center in India. The unparallel levels of hospitality, traditional way of consultation, personalized treatments and dedication of all the staff has made it as the best Ayurveda center.

At Ayurdhama, all of our Ayurvedic treatments are directed and administered by experienced and fully educated and trained doctors and paramedical staff. Each client at Ayurdhama is treated as an individual and as such receives our undivided and personalized attention and care. We specialize in designing treatment plans addressing the specific needs of each client. All medicines and Ayurvedic products are of superior quality in order to support and facilitate optimal treatment results. All of our Ayurvedic and Panchakarma treatments and procedures are conducted in clean, comfortable, welcoming treatment rooms. Our accommodations are neat and clean with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

It is a center of excellence for complete Ayurvedic consultation, treatment and ayurvedic medicines. Strong and uncompromising spirit propels us to deliver the Ayurvedic treatment in most professional way with traditional elegance. Registered under Health & Family Welfare Services, Karnataka, Govt. of India, Ayurdhama hospital provides ayurvedic treatment for patients not only in India but also from all over the world.

We warmly invite you to relish this unforgettable experience of Ayurvedic life. Relax being in good hands!


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