Ayurdhama AyurvedaAyurdhama AyurvedaAyurdhama Ayurveda
Ayurdhama AyurvedaAyurdhama AyurvedaAyurdhama Ayurveda


It is very important for us that you feel thoroughly at home during your stay. We therefore take care of you from the moment you arrive until your return home.


  1. Mangalore International Airport                                                     110 Kms
  2. Mysore Airport                                                                               182 Kms
  3. Kempegowda International Airport, Devanahalli, Bangalore        342 Kms


  1. Kabaka Puttur Railway Station [KBPR], Puttur      37 K.M
  2. Kasaragod Railway Station                                      60 K.M
  3. Mangalore  Railway Station [MAQ]                        85 K.M


  1. Madikeri ( Coorg)                                         50  K.M
  2. Mysore                                                          170 K.M
  3. Bekal Fort, Kasaragod                                  62 K.M
  4. Subrahmanya Temple, Subrahmanya           40 K.M

Here is an overview of the course of your stay and treatment:

We arrange for you to be picked up at the airport  or railway Station, therefore require full details of your arrival and time. After your arrival, you are accompanied by one of our staff to your room. A time for your first medical consultation is agreed on arrival – best of all on the day of your arrival or, if this is not possible, on the following day at the latest.

Once you have recovered from your trip, a team of two experienced doctors will carry out the examination. First of all a questionnaire about your life-style and case history is filled in, after which the doctors will define your Dosha type. The entire programme of treatment is based on this, as according to Ayurvedic teachings it is an imbalance in the Doshas that is the decisive factor for any disorders. The doctors then ascertain your current state of health. This is followed by a detailed consultation. Finally, your personal diet and treatment plan is drawn up on the basis of the individual needs of your body, soul and mind. The first, restorative massage then follows.

Each individual treatment takes from 60 to 120 minutes daily. Before taking a shower after treatment, you should take rest for at least an hour and should not perform any physical activity. This way your body can absorb the oils and herbs and they have time to take effect. Throughout the programme of treatment, the doctors will remain in close contact with you to discuss your progress.

There is of course no pressure on our part for you to attend Yoga, Meditation and Reiki sessions. Nevertheless, we advise participation, as they support the effect of treatment. The sessions are available at different times.

We also advise you to adhere to the diet plan that we have devised for you. We offer a large selection of Ayurvedic foods and seasonal southern Indian fruit.


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