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Pitta Massage Oil

Pitta massage oil restore vitality to the pitta skin and to cool the body of Pitta people. It will soothe, moisten, and warm the Vata constitution which tends to be cool, dry, and beset with nervous energy. This aromatic oil is a cooling blend of several organic herbs, including Chandana,  Sariva , Prapaundarika, Manjishta,  Padmaka,  yashtimadhu ,Ashoka,Shatavari ,Dhataki , Mrinala, Chandana, Dhatri, Yastimadhu, Sariva, Bala   in a base of sesame oils.

Pitta massage oil is known to promote the gentle elimination of toxins, improve the blood circulation, and to nourish dry and dehydrated skin. It also helps in cases of arthritis and hypertension and, in addition, helps to relieve sleeplessness and nervous tension. It is also used in the treatment of psychosis and insomnia. This oil is very useful oil in hair fall, graying of hairs, migraine and stress.

These herbs are traditionally used in Ayurveda to address Pitta by removing excess heat while relaxing the tension associated with Pitta. A daily self-massage benefits the skin, where Pitta tends to accumulate, supports healthy circulation and helps move toxins out of the system. Experience the soothing benefits of Pitta Massage Oil. Pitta also holds tension in the muscles and is relaxed by the therapeutic touch of a warm oil massage. Helps in loss of sleep, stress, softens skin, and relaxes tension. It calms, cools and soothens.

Net Quantity : 200 ml. Herbal Oil in Pet Bottle
Indications & Uses : External use only
Usage Instruction : Apply 20 ml luke warm oil all over the body and massage gently for 10 minutes, followed by bath in luke warm water after half an hour.



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