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Chavutti Massage

Chavutti  Thirumal is an Indian form of massage that has been used for over two thousand years. It has become increasingly popular all over the world  for the benefits it offers. Chavutti means “foot pressure Massage” in the Indian language of Malayalam and is also known as the “ Indian rope and foot massage.” It has its origins in the Kalari martial arts of Kerala state in India. It was originally used by the practitioners of this form of martial arts as a way to stay fit and flexible. The aim of the therapy is to restore overall balance of the body.

In Chavutti Thirumal massage, it is the feet that apply pressure, not the hands. The therapist holds on the rope that hangs down for support so that the feet are able to move over the client’s body in long sweeping movements using controlled pressure. Precise execution of the movements with the application of specific amounts of pressure to different parts of the body is the key to this type of massage. In some cases, special medicated oils are used to enhance the benefits of the therapy. Although it may sound uncomfortable to have the therapist’s feet apply pressure on the body, it is not and feels natural and relaxed almost immediately. The legs and feet have more strength than the arms and hands and the special training that Chavutti massage therapists undergo enables them to use the advantages to the maximum to deliver a massage that is very different from other types of massage therapy. The massage is done with the client lying on the floor, on a comfortable mat.


  • Helps release stiffness in the joints and muscle spasm.
  • Stimulation of metabolism & relieves of mental stress.
  • Alleviates muscular pain, stiffness in joints and any restricted movement that may arise from too much or too little exercise.
  • Increases flexibility of the body release tension & stress.
  • Improves blood circulation and energy flow.
  • Clears troublesome emotions and psychological blocks.
  • Strengthens muscles.
  • Assists the body in initiating its own detoxification process and encourage self healing.
  • Improves suppleness, flexibility, bad posture and mental stress.
  • Improves sleep & relieves stress.

Recommended to:

  • Working men and women.
  • Business people who have demanding schedules and little time to exercise, needing to maintain energy levels and stay focused.
  • Sports people, dancers, martial arts practitioners and performers who need to keep their bodies supple and in good condition.
  • Mothers and carers who don’t give themselves much time to relax or exercise.


  • Diagnosis of current heart disease and ruptured discs
  • Anyone suffering from flu or a high temperature
  • Any fracture of the bones.
  • Pregnancy

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