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Ayurdhama AyurvedaAyurdhama AyurvedaAyurdhama Ayurveda

Bashpa Sweda

Bashpa swedaThe treatments found in Ayurveda date back thousands of years and Swedana is no exception. In this treatment you sit for 30 minutes in a herb-infused steam box. The use of heat and steam to encourage sweating has long been recognized as a natural and effective way to encourage the process of detoxification.

The special herbs help to stimulate oxygen flow throughout the body, while the steam activates the natural sweating process, which is essential for releasing accumulated toxins. Your skin will carry the gentle sweet aroma of the herbs throughout the following 24 hours or so.This process helps to restore unbalanced dosha back to their natural state.

Recommended for: Vata and Kapha dosha types in particular

Benefits: softens and brightens the skin, stimulates and increases digestion capacity, reduces laziness and fatigue, helps to ease stiff joints, helps to bring excess Vata dosha under control.


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