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Stress Management Package

ShirodharaStress Management Package – 7 days / 14 days / 21 days / 28 days


  • 7 days treatment package – Rs.35,700/-
  • 14 days treatment package – Rs.71,400/-
  • 21 days treatment package – Rs.1,07,700/-
  • 28 days treatment package – Rs.1,42,800/-

This is a combination of yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic therapies and thus a holistic method. This treatment takes 3-4 hours daily and includes yoga, meditation, rejuvenation massages and Dhara, Njavarakizhi, Thalam, herbal steam baths, mud packs etc. and orally taken Ayurvedic medicine.

This programme is very effective for stress management and to encourage body and soul to achieve composure of the mind.

Includes combination of any two or three of the following therapies which last for about two-three hours every day depending upon the body condition of the guest:


  • Abhyanga (Medicated herbal oil massages)
  • Nasyam
  • Marma Massage
  • Shiro dhara
  • Thalam
  • Sneha Vasti
  • Dhara Pizhichil
  • Njavarakizhi
  • Karnapooranam
  • Sirovasti
  • Steam bath
  • Internal Herbal Medicines


  • In today’s stressful life style this procedure greatly relives stress and strain.
  • Controls depressive tendencies, anxiety and other psychosomatic disorders.
  • Pacifies the mind and corrects hypertension.
  • Acts purely with herbal tranquilizers
  • Improves the systemic circulation associated with induction of sleep
  • The therapy helps to develop positive attitude towards life
  • Prevention of disease, and for promoting good health
  • Rejuvenates body, mind and soul


  • Initial Consultation with Ayurveda Doctor and daily follow up consultation
  • Accommodation
  • All Ayurvedic Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Supper) & herbal drinks
  • Advice on Diet & Lifestyle Management
  • Ayurveda Therapies – Customized for each client.
  • Yoga (once a day – Yogasanas, Breathing, Meditation and Relaxation)

Reservation Details:

We are committed to keep up the quality of our treatment package programs and we take only limited number of guests each month. So we advice you to reserve your treatment packages minimum one month in advance.

  • The 50% charges of the treatment package should be paid in advance to reserve the treatment package.
  • The advance deposit will be deducted from the total treatment package  and the balance must be paid on the first day of the treatment program.

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