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Saraswatharishtam is an Ayurvedic Nerve Tonic. Saraswatarishta (Saraswatharishtam) increases memory, attention span, concentration, intelligence, mental stamina and glow on the face. It decreases stress and mental fatigue. In ayurvedic medicine, it is helpful in treatment and management of depression, insomnia, anxiety, ADHD, loss of desire to eat, restlessness & vertigo.

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Saraswatharishtam is an Ayurvedic Nerve Tonic. Saraswatharishtam is a traditional nerve tonic that contains ingredients known to help in the Ayurvedic treatment of neurological and psychological problems. As the name says one who uses it for certain period of time will become intellect as blessed by Godess Saraswathi.

The health benefits of Saraswatarishta include prevention of mental disorders. It is also used as a brain tonic, which helps to lower the risk of suffering from memory loss and dysfunction of the immune system.

Saraswatarishta (Saraswatharishtam) increases memory, attention span, concentration, intelligence, mental stamina and glow on the face. It decreases stress and mental fatigue. In ayurvedic medicine, it is helpful in treatment and management of depression, insomnia, anxiety, ADHD, loss of desire to eat, restlessness & vertigo.


The main ingredient of Saraswatarishta is Brahmi (Water Hyssop, botanically Bacopa Monnieri). In combination with other herbs and Swarna (Gold), the formulation becomes effective in many mental and neurological having potential health benefits.

Each 10ml prepared out of Saraswatarishta:

Ingredients                                                       Quantity Used For Preparation

Sita                – Saccharum Officinarum                            2.500g

Makshika      – Honey                                                        0.972g

Brahmi          – Bacopa Monnieri                                       1.944g

Shatavari       – Asparagus Racemosus                               0.486g

Vidarika        – Pueraria Tuberosa                                      0.486g

Abhaya          – Terminalia Chebula                                   0.486g

Ushira            – Vetiveria Zizanioides                                0.486g

Ardraka          – Zingiber Officinale                                   0.486g

Misi                – Anethum Graveolens                                0.486g

Dhataki           – Woodfordia Fruticosa                               0.486g

Renuka            – Piper Cubeba                                            0.024g

Trivrith            – Operculina Turpethum                             0.024g

Pippali             – Piper Longum                                          0.024g

Lavanga           – Syzygium Aromaticum                           0.024g

Vacha               – Acorus Calamus                                      0.024g

Kushtha           – Saussurea Costus                                     0.024g

Ashwagandha  – Withania Somnifera                                 0.024g

Vibhithaki        – Terminalia Bellirica                                 0.024g

Amrita             – Tinospora Cordifolia                                0.024g

Ela                   – Elettaria Cardamomum                            0.024g

Vidanga           – Embelia Ribes                                          0.024g

Twak                – Cinnamomum Verum                               0.024g

Swarnapatra     – Gold                                                         0.004g(24Carat)

Saraswatarishta Benefits & Uses

It has effect on brain, nerves, mind & heart. Therefore, Saraswatharishtam is beneficial in diseases of these organs.


  • It enhances Intelligence
  • Increases memory
  • Reduces stress
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Improve Immunity
  • Boosts mental capabilities and intelligence
  • Tonifies nerves
  • Improves voice
  • Alleviates stress and produces calmness in the mind

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Additional information

Net Quantity

450 ml. When Packed

Saraswatarishta (with gold) dosage:

The general dosage of Saraswatarishta is as follows.
Children : 5 – 10 ml twice daily
Adults : 10 – 15 ml twice daily


Twice a day with the equal amount of water

Best Time to Take:

After Food

Safety Profile

Saraswatharishtam is considerably safe in the recommended dosage. The long-term use is also likely safe.


There are no absolute contraindications for Saraswatharishtam.

35 reviews for Saraswatharishtam with Gold (Special): Excellent Tonic for Memory & Immunity Booster

    Ramakrishna bhat
    Wovvvv wonderful tonic. I could sleep well and my stress levels have gone down
    Devdas Nayak
    I wanted to try it, How it is working on cough & memory loss, pl advise on it, I& is it helps above 70yrs peoples?? Please advise. Tnx.
    Reply from Dr. Hariprasad Shetty:
    It will help in kids below 16 years
    Milan patel
    I got my regular sleep, and leading a stress free life. Much relaxed after using this liquid
    Raghavendra swamy
    Amazing product. Very very good brain tonic. Very concentrated tonic
    Vibha Gupta
    Don’t forget to buy this product. Very good for stress, anxiety and very good to keep your mind calm. Great product
    Apsara rajesh
    Very good tonic. I had peripheral neuropathy and memory loss. This tonic helped me so much. Very concentrated decoction
    Shrishti Kaushik
    I am using in my delayed milestone son. It’s very good. Very concentrated tonic. Very happy with this product
    Venkatesh Rao
    Shipping is little slow. Normally takes 5-6 days. Product is good
    Abhishek bharadwaj
    Very good tonic for growing kids and young adults. It improves concentration and memory
    Sathish kumar
    This is expensive but worth. You just need to take one drop twice daily. I am sleeping so well now with this product
    Rajendra naik
    Very good taste and consistency. Very useful in making our mind stress free and focused
    Abhishek Vohra
    One of the best tonic for my stress levels. I completely feel it normal after using it for three months
    This concentrated. So you can take in less dose and consume for longer time. That’s why I feel price is ok. Very good brain tonic
    Very concentrated good memory tonic. I feel very relaxed after taking it. It is a five star product
    One of the best product from Ayurdhama. Best results. Concentration is very good. I take only tsp twice daily with water. I have found peace with this
    Saritha pillai
    I Compared the price it’s bit costly but after using it I felt why it’s expensive. It’s a very effective concentrated tonic
    Namita Arora
    Organic and natural saraswatharishta with gold. Very concentrated decoction
    Sushmita AK
    Best saraswatharishta with gold. Bit expensive but very very good.
    Harikrishna Ds
    Very good for growing kids. Improves concentration in learning
    Surabhi HN
    Expensive but worth enough. Very good results in growing kids and for adults also
    Girish Naik
    Good in stress and anxiety. Very concentrated
    Venkatesh rao
    Very good tonic. I am using it regularly. Induces good sleep and relaxes very well
    Budhanath Panda
    I feel good , Just Trying
    Rajkumar Chowdhry
    Good brain tonic for everyone . Increase focus and concentration. Calms you down. Very good for stress and loss of sleep
    Pooja Singh
    Very good tonic for all ages. Improves the concentration. Good tonic for stress related problem
    Gaurav Verma
    Very good results and very good in improving the memory but bit expensive
    Balachandra Bhat
    This is best. Very useful in stress related issues. Good in improving focus and concentration
    Niraj Sinha
    Very good brain tonic. Feels relaxed and improves sleep
    Ajay Nehra
    Pure good product. Very effective
    Umesh Biradar
    Very good brain tonic and memory booster. Useful in growing kids
    Pooja kohli
    Good brain tonic
    Akshaya sukumaran
    Very Good product but bit expensive
    Mahesh Sharma
    Very useful in reducing tension and stress. Induces good sleep
    Jayasmitha kj
    Wovvvvvv best saraswatharishta with gold. Excellent results
    Krishna babu
    Wonderful brain tonic and memory booster. Very useful in excessive stress
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