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Autism Treatment

Autism is a developmental disorder which normally manifests before three years of age affecting brain’s normal development of social skills causing deficits in communication, behaviour and cognition. The word means the children are locked within themselves. Nearly two million children are affected worldwide and is more prevalent among Boys. The child can be aggressive with unusual movements, unusual attachments to objects, not responding to parent’s affectionate behaviour, and with poor eye contact. The early warning signs can be delayed speech, repetitive body movements, and altered social activities. There are different variants of Autistic disorder with the severity ranging from mild to moderate intensities. It is a neuro pathological condition with impaired brain signals affecting the information process in the brain.

Autism-bannerThe causes of autism can be genetics, prenatal, perinatal or post natal infections, biochemical factors like elevated plasma serotonin and environmental factors like air pollution .Many researches has concluded that the pregnant women is affected with multiple chemicals in the body which can pass on to fetus which leads to immune dis-regulation and the oxidative stress. Studies show 88% of the autistic children is having chronic gastrointestinal inflammation.

Our expert doctors from Ayurdhama carefully analyses the child for the body type and doshik constitution. Their language, behaviour and social relationships will be carefully analyzed along with the necessary investigations.

Ayurdhama suggests that a good diet always helps with the autistic behaviour. Always gluten free diet is preferred over the normal one. Balanced protein and carbohydrate rich diet can be given with boiled eggs, lean meats, banana, rice, soy milk, tune fishes, almonds and peanut butter. Vitamins can be supplemented with tomatoes, peas, lettuce, celery, pineapple, orange, broccoli ,grapes, apples and kiwis. Adequate amount of fats can be received from using high quality olive oil or virgin coconut oil. It is very important to reduce the overweight in autistic children.

Ayurdhama treatments focus on Autistic spectrum of disorders by correcting the Agni (digestive fire) and Ojas. The Agni is the essential factors which maintain all the Doshas and dhatus 84% of the autistic children suffer with the gastrointestinal disorders like constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, bloating and dietary issues. By correcting the Agni the Doshas get corrected from the grass root level. The various herbs processed in oils and ghee’s, decoctions, tablet, powders available in Ayurdhama are specially designed to meet requirements of the autistic child. These internal and external therapies will help in regaining the Ojas of the body.

Ayurdhama special treatments for the autistic spectrum disorders are Thalam (placing herbs mixed with oils or decoctions placed on the vertex of the head),  Shirodhara (Pouring of herbal oil on fore head), Abhyanga (different types of massages using medicated herbal oils typically done to cure Vata. Udwarthana (specialised herbal massages done for elimination of Doshas and toning of the body), Vasthi (A medicated enema to expel out the unwanted toxins in the body),  Shiropichu (treatment using a cap of oil on the head usually done to boost the nervous system,  Nasya (medicated oil is instilled in the nostril and the Kapha is eliminated followed by gargling with medicated herbs) and Navarakizhi (Medicated Rice Gruel Massage)

The herbal treatments are mainly focused on balancing the Tridosha and start with digestive medicines and end with Rasayanas & Memory booster tonics. Rasayanas are a group of medicines intended to rejuvenate the body. The Ayurdhama treatments help in the neurological rejuvenation of the body once the whole course of treatment is over.

The intake of the medicated ghee and other herbal decoctions are very  important part of the treatment as ghee is considered as one of the main rejuvenators of the brain and brain cells. Proper screening of the child, the personalised herbal medications like Suvarnaprashana, Medhya aushadas  and  other treatment therapies offered by the Ayurdhama makes its path different in the management of Autism.

Autism Managements:

This comprises Prevention, Treatment methods and Supportive therapy

  1. Prevention:

Ayurveda believes in prevention of disease is more important than curing. For autism prevention can be achieved through three stages such as prevention before conception, during pregnancy and after delivery.

Prevention before conception include detoxification of body through panchakarma chikithsa, Intake of Medhya dravya. Panchakarma treatment help in evading impurities of body(vitiated dosha). Through rasayana chikithsa regeneration of healthy tissues occurs which help in production of healthy sperm and ovum.

Prevention during pregnancy includes proper diet and activities of the mother.

  1. Treatment methods:

In Autism Spectrum Dissorder, the goal is to balance vata dosa which has an impact on the nervous system and mind. Balancing brain cells and their chemical composition improves the sensory and motor functions. It also improves focus, judgment, speech and an understanding between good and bad behavior.

Ayurveda believes in the power of Shodhana chikitsa (Purification therapy), which has an impact on the physical and mental level. There are certain Ayurveda Panchakarma therapies recommended during this procedure like Abhyanga, Shiroabhyanga, Shirodhara, Shirobasti, Shiropicchu, Talapodichil, Pizhichil, Mild swedana, Virechana,  Nasya, Lepam, Udwarthana, Patra pinda sweda, Churna pinda sweda, Navarakizhi, Thalam. Our expert doctors from Ayurdhama will suggest Yoga and Meditation for your child according to their requirements. After purification therapy, Shamana chikitsa (Palliative therapy) is recommended to pacify vata dosha and nourish the seven bodily tissues (saptadhatu) and nervous system. There are certain herbal medicines suggested in Autism which enhance nerve cells, improve focus, memory and concentration.

Best Ayurveda Medicines Used in Autism:

  1. Supportive Therapy:

About Our Doctor

Our Doctor - Dr. Hariprasad Shetty

Dr. Hariprasad Shetty – B.A.M.S, M.D
Medical Director, Ayurdhama
Sullia, Karnataka, India
Call: +91-98804 64302 (Click to Chat)

Dr. Hariprasad Shetty has done her B.A.M.S , M.D from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in 2005. He is an accomplished Ayurvedic doctor and has delivered results in the field of Child care since 2005. His areas of interest include Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Anxiety Disorders as well as neurological disorders. His approach into finding the root cause of any issue with a holistic approach towards finding the solution through Proper consultation, Panchakarma treatment and Internal medication.

Useful home remedies and diet tips

  • Consume pulses like green gram and red gram
  • Consume daily fresh fruits apple, mango, amla, pomegranate, carrot and peas
  • Consume akrod, almond
  • Give boiled water to drink
  • Avoid junk food oily and spicy food ,cold drinks
  • Avoid Cheese, coffee, curd, desserts, groundnuts, meet, potato, sago, sweet potato etc

Avoid – Microwaved food. All refined processed and chemical food (this includes white sugar, chips, chocolates, white flour, legumes other than green and white mung, soft drinks and most anything you would find in a modern supermarket shelf), Dairy Products, Night Shade Vegetables, including tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, and peppers, Citrus Fruits, Peanuts. Preservatives, colours, food additives, Leftovers, Old cheeses, Cold foods and drinks, All soya products and their derivatives. If you are lactose intolerant and can’t take organic milk, then make almond or rice milk (do not purchase ready made milk powders). To make almond milk, soak and skin some almonds and blend with water.

Combination of Panchakarma therapies, Medhya aushadhas with Yoga and Diets will improve quality of life of autistic children to a great extent. Expert doctors at Ayurdhama Ayurveda are here to help you.

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  • Initial Consultation with Ayurveda Doctor and daily follow up consultation
  • Accommodation
  • All Ayurvedic Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Supper) & herbal drinks
  • Advice on Diet & Lifestyle Management
  • Ayurveda Therapies – Customized for each client.
  • Yoga (once a day – Yoga Asanas, Breathing, Meditation and Relaxation)


  • We are committed to keep up the quality of our treatment programs and we take only a limited number of patients each month.
  • So we advise you to reserve your treatment programs a minimum one month in advance.
  • The 50% charges of the treatment programs should be paid in advance to reserve the treatment programs.
  • The advance deposit will be deducted from the total treatment programs and the balance must be paid on the first day of the treatment program.

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