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FAQ’s on Suvarna Prashan

General FAQ's

We recommend you to refer all the relevant frequently asked questions. We have listed here many of the commonly asked by our existing customers.If you still have any furthermore questions, we are happy to resolve at the earliest as possible.

Origin of Suvarna Prashana can be traced back to Vedic ages. References about Swarna Prashan is available in Kashyapa Samhitha written before 600 B.C.

Suvarnaprashana is also known by other names like, Swarna Prashana, Swarna Bindu Prashana, Swarnamritha Prashan, and Suvarna Prashan.

Suvarna Prashan can be supplemented with other medicines like Chyavanaprash, Brahmi ghritham.

It is always advised not to skip the Suvarna Prashan to maintain the efficiency of the medicine.

No, it won’t cause any significant change in the body temperature. There are no significant changes in the body temperature in normal condition. But in certain conditions like acute fever it’s better to skip the dose on the particular day.

Yes, special children with Autism, ADHD, Delayed milestone and Learning difficulties are very much benefited by Suvarna prashan. It helps to improve their overall brain development and immunity.

Ash of gold, Honey, Vacha, Shankhapushpi, Guduchi Satwa, Yashtimadhu, Aswagandha, Brahmi.

The first few years of life are important for the cognitive, emotional and physical growth of children. As we know a human brain grows rapidly in 1 to 16 years of life.  Suvarna Prashana accelerate the growth of brain and boost up its utilization capacity if it is done during this phase.

There are other medicinal preparations in the form of semisolid preparation, medicated ghee, medicated oil, fermented preparation, powder.

Pushya Nakshatra is considered as one of the most auspicious of the 27 Nakshatra and it is the Nakshatra for gold (Swarna). Hence, it is auspicious to start Swarna Prashan on this day.

Of course, we can give Suvarnaprashana along with other medicines.

Please keep the bottle in warm water for 5 to 10 minute, till it becomes liquefied.

Yes, there is a lot of medicine to use both external and internal to maintain the health of the baby.

Of course, there is no problem to give the medicine in all seasons.

Ayurdhama Ayurveda’s Suvarna Prashan is of best quality and the following dosage is recommended:

  • Age Group – Birth to 1 Year – 2 Drops
  • Age Group – 1 to 16 Years – 4 Drops
Suvarnaprashan is effective from birth to 16 years of age.
Sure, after the first six month dosage, you can continue “Suvarnaprashana” to your child and you can continue it till the age of 16.
There is no need to come at our center with your baby. Only you have to order online and it will be delivered through courier to your doorstep. We will take all the responsibility of any damage to the product or misplacement during the courier service.
Drops should be kept in normal room temperature and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Note that it should not be stored in refrigerator. Suvarnaprashana drops can be used for 5 years when stored in shade and in room temperature.
Currently Suvarnaprashana is available in 100ml bottles each. Also we listed multiple bottles accordingly your requirements. 
Absolutely yes! We are ready to assist you at any point of time. Simply Call +91-988 046 4302 or  click to contact us

Order Related

Here are some queries on placing orders with us.

  1. Online Buy: Visit “SHOP“page in this website. 
  2. Offline Buy :
    1. Once you deposit the money to our bank account which is given below, you have to confirm your payment through a mail or a SMS. Then send your address through mail or a SMS.
    2. Your address should include your Name, Address, Pin Code and Mobile No. On the same day of your payment we will dispatch the Suvarnaprashana drops to your address.
  1. Indian Rupees 4,200 (Inside India)
  2. Indian Rupees 10,300 (Outside India – Including Shipping charges)
  3. Special Pricing  Available for Doctors on bulk orders. Please Call +91-9880464302

We have a special pricing for the Medical Practitioners and Doctors.

If you are looking for the bulk orders, feel free to contact us at +91-9880464302

You can claim your discount coupon during the checkout. You can add some products to the cart, before billing you will be asked for Discount Coupon. Enter and update cart. If it’s valid coupon, your cart will be discounted.

Shipping Related

Read all FAQ's related to the shipping of Suvarna Prashana Drops to your doorstep.

Yes. We deliver the Suvarnaprashana to your preferred delivery address with safe packing. Currently we ship all the regions across India and foreign destinations around the world as well.


We do follow Two types of delivery duration based on the payment methods you choose:

  1. Online Payment: If you order placed along with online payment, your order will be dispatched within two working days from our store.
  2. Offline Payment: If you order placed along with offline payment option, your order will be dispatched only after payment realized in our bank. Normally it takes a week’s time.


We do prefer the leading Courier Partners in the Country. Once your product is dispatched, we do intimate you the tracking number to trace the package. Normal delivery period would be 4 to 10 business days and it’s based on the delivery location.
We will take the whole responsibility for any problems during the transport of Suvarnaprashana drops (Like misplacement or any damage to the bottle). Kindly contact our support team.
Yes! We will make sure, that you are receiving Suvarnaprashana drops safely, to your doorstep.

Payment Methods

Find alternative payment options available for you.

We have integrated with secured online payment gateway, which enables our customers for fast check out. This option will be enabled during the check in the shop.

We facilitated the PayPal payments for our customers, those who are looking for payments from all over the globe.
PayPal ID: ayurdhama4you@gmail.com

If you are opting for the direct bank transfer / cash deposit, you can transfer/deposit the fund to the below bank account: Kindly note that, immediate after the successful transfer/deposit, mail the transfer / deposit details to ayurdhama4you@gmail.com without fail.

Bank Name      : FEDERAL BANK
Account No      : 19000200001401
IFSC Code       : FDRL0001900
Account Holder  : Ayurdhama Ayurveda Hospital and Yoga Retreat Center
Account Type     : CURRENT
Branch Name     : Sullia (Karnataka)

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