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NasyaThe nose is the doorway to the brain, mind and consciousness. Prana, or life-force energy, enters our bodies through the breath so it is vital that the nostrils are free from blockages, well lubricated and in a healthy condition. The Nasya treatment aids the lubrication and cleansing of the nostrils and stimulates other benefits throughout the whole of the neck and head.Nasal is the nasal administration of medicinal herbs and oils for the purpose for treating a whole range of ailments from the neck up. Dry nasal passage, sore throat, hoarse voice, stiffness in the neck of head, jaw ache, facial paralysis, headaches, migraines and various eye and ears problems. It also relieves mental and emotional stress, anxiety, fear and negativity. Different oils are used to treat differing symptoms or aliments. Nasya oil is infused with special herbs that both nourish and lubricate the sinus cavities.

Recommended for: Anyone suffering from blocked or dry nasal passage, sinus problems, headaches, clouded mental abilities, excess fear, negativity or depression.

Benefits: improved clarity and perception, enhanced cerebral circulation, better sleeping patterns, improved sense of well-being and calmness of mind.


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