Ayurdhama AyurvedaAyurdhama AyurvedaAyurdhama Ayurveda
Ayurdhama AyurvedaAyurdhama AyurvedaAyurdhama Ayurveda

Our Medical Team

Our Doctor - Dr. Hariprasad Shetty

Prof. Dr. Hariprasad Shetty M

Director & Chief Physician

Dr. Sushma H Shetty

Consultant & Managing Director

Dr. Abhijith K P

Consultant and RMO
Dr Gopika V V

Dr Gopika V V

Ayurveda Consultant
Dr Sathwika A T

Dr. Sathwika A T

Yoga, Meditation and Naturopathy Consultant
Shrikanth Kalmadka

Mr. Shrikanth Kalmadka

Senior Ayurveda & Marma Therapy In-charge

We have an expert team of doctors those are famous in various fields of Ayurveda like Special Kerala Ayurvedic Therapies; Headed by Dr. Hariprasad Shetty (B.A.M.S, M.D)-Medical Director.A family dedicated totally to the medical profession. It always finds enjoyment in case studies and applying the scientific knowledge to the betterment of ayurveda and its improvement with their Team.

Service of other qualified physicians those are famous in various fields of Ayurveda like Special Kerala Ayurvedic Therapies also available here. Other Residential medical officers, duty doctors, Internee doctors and Visiting doctors make the team.

Out patient & In patient consultation will be done by these expert doctors who will decide the treatment after proper examination and analysis of the case. Service of Doctors and Nursing Staff available round the clock for in-patients. All panchakarma procedures & other special keraliya treatments are done by Professional Male & Female Therapists and will be supervised directly by expert doctors.

The hospital provides classical panchakarma & traditional kerala treatments based on the assessment by the physician. Treatment will be scheduled according to the planning chart. This process is computerized and patients are expected to attend the procedure in the correct scheduled time. A normal course of treatment at our hospital would be between 15-30 days. Treatments are not administered during fever, cold, menstrual period and other conditions deemed unsuitable by the physician.

The physician will inform the rules and regulations, which are to be followed by the patient for getting maximum benefit by the treatment. Patients are requested to adhere to these instructions. The diet is decided by the physician and the recommended food will be delivered at appropriate time to the room. South Indian special Continental Multi-cuisine facilities inclusive of separate Ayurveda food recipe is provided to the guests and the patients as per the situation.

The hospital has the arrangements for emergency allopathic   medical care. The yoga instructors are available round the clock for offering yoga & Meditation.

We warmly invite you to relish this unforgettable experience. Relax in the certainty of being in good hands!


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